Think About This?

Mankind…. We human beings are created in God’s Image and likeness. But the sad truth is majority of us don’t operate in his wisdom.

I consider this, meditate about it and this is what I found out….. Even though we are like him and we have access to all of God’s qualities and character, we can’t be like him because we don’t live like him. He hates sin, he love righteousness, he is kind and passionate. He is filled with compassion and he is very responsible and faithful to mention but few.

Let me give you an analogy: if my parents happen to be Chinese but I was born in Africa or Europe and I grew up there, brought up in their culture and traditions. Though I am a Chinese by blood I would never live like one because I was never exposed to the Chinese way of life.

We are children of God but we won’t have access to all he is, if we don’t commit our lives to daily live like him. To do things he does, and know him well and expose ourselves to God’s way of life.

This is just a thought, please meditate on it like I did. Babashola Timothy Ayeni

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