A Taste of Temptation: The Story of A Great Man and A Cunning Seductress: Episode 2

My child, never smell or have a taste of what you don’t want to eat. Like Medusa; you become a stone once you look at the beauty of the woman with hair full of strands of snakes.

Give your heart to God almighty before a woman takes it with her wiles. I have been with a woman I love till an hour pass midnight and she still climbed to the peak of the castle to be with a man that only lust after the pleasures the opening of her thighs can offer!

Be like JOB, make a covenant with your eyes and heart not to follow the immoral woman.

I was kissed, cuddled like a newborn. She soothe my pains and give me wine to be happy.

My son; you have read the Love stories of Solomon the richest King and David his father. Take a minute to read about Samson and those before them.

I prefer to bury my head in the Sahara sand than look at the death that kills the greatest of men.

Women are not cursed but so many a great men have been curses because they made haven with the opening of her thighs!

©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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