Letter To God

Dear God,
                   I’m so tired of some issues and I need to write this open letter to you to get some clarifications.

I’m an African, our lands so rich, numerous mineral resources and yet the people of the land suffers. Pls send us a deliverer like you did Israel

I love you so much… I want to spend my time doing what pleases you and standing for social justice and equality for mankind but, doing your will is so hard in our days… So many vices and what my flesh lust after. Pls give me the grace that will make doing your will easy.

Can you please talk to our leaders, they are all greedy, full of selfish motives.. You can imagine what Diezani did. Embezzling more than 90 billion dollars of crude oil money in Nigeria. Nah wa oooooo baba God

We need peace, unity and love. Pls help us with this evil called terrorism… Suicide bombers, wars and killings.. Pls talk to us and give us the heart to hear and do what you want.

I also need your help Financially, I have lots of projects that can benefit mankind but I lack funds, so please, send me help and divine connection!

Please help me talk to the ladies in my environs, they really disturbing me and I only want one Queen that you’ve specially chose for me.

Baba God, bring her to me sharp sharp and send me now prosperity

I hope you reply me asap… Thanks!

Yours sincerely,
Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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