Qoute For The Week

Well I don’t really believe in luck but sometimes I get lucky. I don’t really understand the concept of luck; well have never really study it. The only thing I know is a decade and 3 years ago, my sisters called me that I won a huge amount of money…. In coca cola millionaire promo. They played the promo on my behalf. This morning, I bought a bottle of coke…reading…. A man look at the bottle cock and told me I’ve won a recharge card… The question is why is my luck always tied with coca cola?

luck, coincidence and chance or opportunity do happen because it has been written by the Creator that at a point, time and season in your life, you will encounter them. but woe unto that man, that live his life unprepared for these occasions! training as an atlethe, education, reading, networking, improving on your talents and choosing your relationship wisely is part of the preparation process – Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

I live Africa….. I live for Uhuru!

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