The Pursuit of Love & Fulfilment

To you I come
As an envoy visiting a foreign kingdom
Bearing in my hand
An offering and fellowship of love

What keep amazing me about you
Is not just your complexion and curves
Beauty my lady do fade
Fame and other goodies of life
Are smoke
When men turn to dust and ashes

That’s why I seek you my Queen
You bring fulfilment and Love
To my whole being
I am not among scavengers
That seek to steal your pride
My African Queen

Just give me an audience
Reason with me
Two can never walk together
Unless they agree

I come before you as lowly humble cultured and respectable African Man

I was destined created and birthed
To meet you
And love you forever

Cause the satisfaction fulfilment I get
From the little time we spent together
Gave me a glimpse of how my life will be
With and without you

Search your soul and seek the truth
We are destined to live and love one another

You don’t need to be scared of me
Or turn your face to the wall
When you hear my name

Dada awuru mi
Your beauty
Your character
The goddesses envy
But your anger
Makes you the daughter of Sango
Temper your anger with love
And you will see how sweet life can be

To you I commit my heart
And to you I send envoys of Love
Because you are my love
And without you
Fulfilment is unattainable.

Written by Babashola Timothy Ayeni
Dedicated to Dada awuru mi!

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