The Stories and Pains of Mothers

To all mothers
Barren or fruitful
Rich or poor
Ugly or beautiful
You are all special
No woman should be call barren

Respect to my mother
Who birthed me and care for me
Who sacrifice everything
For me to live
Look down from beyond
And see your son
Becoming all God
Created him to be
Forever is my love for you

My loving sisters especially yetty mama
All of you are special and unique
Your lives and success I celebrate

My nieces and my sisters in-law
Thanks for giving me beautiful nieces
My nieces
You are my pride
And I love you all

My female friends
I appreciate your gender and feminity
You are my mothers away from home

My boo
You bring me Fulfilment and joy
No one like you
Dada awuru mi
Ajike kikelomo
You forever be my Queen
Let the freshness of the early morning dew
Calm your anger
You the best

To all women created by God
No matter your continent
Race ethnicity
You are all special
Whether in jail or Whitehouse or ASO Rock
You are all unique
And mankind existence and survival
Is all on you
And I Babashola ómo Ayeni
Appreciate you all

Like shaggy said
Don’t ever underestimate
The Love and power of a woman

Biblically and spiritually
The only being stronger than a MAN
Is the God that created man
And the woman
God created as Adam’s helper

My poetic words on woman
Will be forever
Cause no adjectives
Can qualify them enough.
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

Dedicated to my sisters, nieces and my Boo!

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