Love is love!

How sweet can you describe or define true love. Love is love, any day anytime. 

The nature of love is so complicated and complex. love is like a river, and that river can generate, ignite, erupt mankind true nature.

Men have moved mountains and faced death because of their love for their land, philosophy, race and country. And others have committed unforgivable and unforgettable crimes against humanity because of their love for evil and what they believed in.

Love covers wrong and have seen this in my family, among great friends and in my relationship with people. Love truly is the ultimate and creative force behind you when you pursue that heart desires of yours.

This is my question, I’ve you ever been in love? The artist said, ” you can touch the moonlight.” I say, you are in Heaven when you are in love!
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

14 thoughts on “Love is love!

      1. You will believe me… Love will always find us… Love, companionship and fellowship are some of the reasons we are created. Even though, you’ve given up, trust me; love will find you… I pray you see it when it comes knocking and who knows, maybe it’s knocking already

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