Remember Your Creator!!!

Remember your creator in the days of your youth.

I have lived in the land of my Fathers, and when I’m gone my sons too will possess their land… Inheritance, wealth and worldly glamour is nothing. Ashes and dust is better than anything you can acquire in this timeline we call earth.

Our lives are in three stages… We all lived in the mind and heart of the eternal creator before this world was created, he created this world for us and brought Adam to procreate us… This is the second stage

The third stage is eternity with him… But have you fulfilled Genesis 1:26! I have seen, love, hate, lust, failed, succeed, belonged, acquire and lived… Who no go, go never know…

My conclusion in these three decades + a year of my existence is God is my inheritance and possession.

Nothing matters apart from my creator. The time is running and God would stop it when he chooses.

The question is are you ready to face your creator?


Respect to my ancestors, that worshipped dead gods, they lived their lives in deadness! And some of us still continued living in deadness…

There is only one God, he created heavens and earth and things seen and unseen. I will forever worship my God, Jesus Christ that became man and died for my sins! He rose again and forever lives…

The wisdom of God is foolishness to carnal minded people! Remember your God in the days of your youth cause I will always remember him!

These are my thoughts and the Truth I live…. Reminisce and  meditate on this!

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