My Love For Gold Coast!

The Sun shines on Gold Coast
The people of the Land
With their own unique culture
Perspective and traditions

I love this land
Though the sun scorch my skin
I still love it
Though Wisconsin drains $1632 from me per semester I still love Ghana

I love the women
They are black diamonds
Like the BlackBerry
That grows on mountaintop
They all gat curves
Even though they be Lepa
Like Agbani Darego
Curves and behind gats dey
Talata hmmm I sight you
My northerner Erinma

Chaii I love banku with okra Soup
Kenkey I go chop with raw pepper
My favourite is the Fufu
They pound it with unripe plantains
Carry am give me
With lightsoup or palmnut soup
And I go bless you with
Jacob’s blessings
I hope you all know
The patriarch blessings

Foreign students face lot of challenges but we are one
Na una go decide when u wan become free

Respect to my founding fathers
That share the same PAN AFRICAN ideology with Kwame Nkrumah
till tomorrow
Foreign students pays the same fee
With Nigerians for Motherland
Whether government owned or private

I beg make we free matter for Matthias
Judas will always betray
Make we leave trash for Lawna

I love the Gold Coast, her nature, food
And her people
Especially the curvy hmmhmmhmm
And I gat lots of male friends
Good ones

But whether in Naija or wherever
I’m a born freedom fighter
And I hate oppression with passion
Oppression comes in diverse ways
And I believe you all know

My philosophy has always been
Hate the oppression but not the oppressor……..

At this point
I drop my poetic pen
And end these jargons
Before una carry me go sawam and later transfer me to kirikiri…

Love you all!
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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