Tribute To The World Greatest

He was born like everyone of us. His parents named him Cassius Clay but we all know him as Mohammed Ali and he would be remembered as the World Greatest.

He changed his name from Cassius Clay, the name of a slave to Mohammed Ali; the name of the great prophet and identify with his Origin (Africa). He fought one of his greatest fight in Africa, the rumble in the jungle at Zaire.



He was stripped off his World Boxing Champion belts and his Olympic gold medals by the American Government when he refused to fight in a war because of his Conscience and believe.


I will tell my children and grandchildren that I lived in the days of Mohammed Ali, the one that flew like a butterfly and sting like a bee.


Rest in Perfect Peace, my mentor, my hero and my fellow freedom Fighter. The world we miss you because you fought bravely, loved fiercely and passionately. You will be remembered like the legends of the past, you are the Achilles of our generation!

Picture Credit: Twitter

Written by Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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