Freedom & Independent. Two Parallel lines! July 4th

Today, I won’t post a quote but its still possible later today.

July 4th is America’s Independent Day. Most of us have this convincing view that freedom is the same thing as independent.. 

American’s founding fathers fought for the independence of the states we know today as USA while Martin Luther king Jr, fought and died for the Freedom of his people! As America and most world countries celebrate their independence day; reminisce on your freedom not forgetting that freedom without boundaries, leads to perdition.

This I have come to know in Africa. Most of our founding Fathers fought for independence because of their selfish interests and greed. And they still do!

The hope, future and destiny of a glorious world lies with the African Race. And that is why, freedom fighters and member of the Neo Black Movement WorldWide, must listen and heed the call of the oppressed. We must prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. Preparation is the best strategy to victory.

We can get Independence through negotiations, lobbying and betrayal; but freedom comes at a very high price. It must be demanded, with force and by pressuring the oppressors.

For me, freedom and Independence are two parallel lines that would never meet. We have independence but are we free? This is my question to world citizens!

Like Madiba said,”its a long walk to Freedom”.

This is a freedom series, it will include poems, poetry and articles to celebrate Nbm worldwide 39th “7 7” anniversary. Its a 5 days series. Enjoy it!

Written by: Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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