Freedom is Life: Freedom Series!

​Life is beautiful but just imagine you spending your entire life in an empty room. Think of the loneliness, the psychological effects it will have on your mind.

A new born baby will always clinch to his or her mother because his life depends on the milk that flows from the mother’s breasts. But there comes a time, when he would starting crawling, then walk, he would explore his world and only run to his mother when hungry or timid. 

Life worths nothing without the freedom to decide how your own existence would be, without the freedom to make mistakes, to learn, to be happy, to be sober, to know the limits and the joy that comes with inhaling fresh air.

I have found this to be truth; we have not start living until we are able to put our prejudice aside and stand for freedom, social justice and equality for all, irrespective of their tribe, ethnicity, race, social status and alliance.

Each day I wake up, I pray, I do my normal chores, I meet my friends, sulee Egede with my fellow barundas, we normally disagree to agree, when I have the opportunity I mije when called upon. 

I can go about my normal activities not because it was forced upon me but its an expression of my freedom.

A man with no freedom is a dead man that still lives.

Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

This is still part of the Freedom Series. We celebrate Neo Black Movement Worldwide and the Ideologies the movement stands for. Happy 7 7 to all members of the great movement!

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