Bastille Day: We Would Still Celebrate Our Freedom.

religion and barbaric ideologies to destroy lives. We are all created equal. Male and female, God created us.

On a night were citizens of Nice celebrates their freedom on Bastille Day. A day of freedom in the history of France, and yet an individual killed more than 84 people and still counting, injured more than hundred lives and putting fear in millions of people all over the world, all in the name of religion.

I mourn for the lost lives, i sympathies with the families that are affected by this terrorist act and i empathies with France as a nation.

Christians or Muslims, we are one, we breathe the same air and we must learn how to co-exist in love, peace and unity. we must stand together and condemn terrorist groups, societies, networks and the barbaric lunatics running them.

My brother is my brother whether he is a muslim or Christian. I am my brother’s keeper but once I see traces or traits of extremists in him, i must protect myself and the world by reporting early to the authorities.

This world is beautiful and we are created to make it more beautiful. Let us stand together in love and unity and stop those that are bent on taking our freedom, human rights and lives whether they are Christians or Muslims.

I will always stand for truth, freedom, equality and social justice.It is so sad and disturbing that some group of people or individuals hides under

Written by Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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