A Lonely Man: He Has It All But One

On a very cold night in Accra, Sleep evaded me. To meditate, I walked to botanical Gardens, that beautiful garden with lake not far from Wisconsin International University College, at North Legon.

I sat down under an orchid tree, I lit my Benson & Edges, starring at the glowing stars While romancing my bottle of Black Label. Enjoying the sip and the after taste it brings to my Tongue. 

Alone with myself and enjoying my solitude, I felt like Apostle John on the Island of Patmos; its is the Lord’s day and I am grateful for being part of it.

All of a sudden, my thoughts was broken by an old man who wanted to trade a joint of African herbs(Mapor) and Kpuyor for two sticks of cigarette. He asked if he could sit with me, that we might fellowship as Africans, why not I said!

The Ipa(old man) started his conversation by saying the two greatest punishment God can give man, is denying him access to his presence and loneliness. Loneliness caused either by his wife, Opposite sex or his brethren.

He poured me a cup of kpuyor while dragging his joint of Mapor. Pausing for a while he smiled and said ” nothing kills a man than pride, ego and greed”. 

I have it all but lack humility and that caused me my love, my woman and the fellowship of my brethren, which I treasure so much. 

These are my words, my pain, my experience, my loneliness…. These are my words. He stood up and walked towards the lake while I meditate on his words!

To be continued…..

Babashola Concept.

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