Raining In Lagos

Have you ever kissed a rainbow? Its raining, and i have a rainbow seated beside me… Oh it is a lovely day… And happy day indeed. its a lovers day

Beside me is a lady, a lady of unusual beauty. She press her phone, while peeping to see what I’m doing with my phone.

She cannot comprehend how a handsome young vibrant man like me won’t take note or be awestruck by her exceptional beauty and charisma.

What she failed to realise is all I would be doing on my blog for the next 24hours is writing about her.

Some say beauty comes with a curse. We have heard or read about tales of old. Medusa is so beautiful that a look from her turns mortals to stone. A whole kingdom was ravaged and destroyed because of the beauty of Helen of Troy, even Oya, the wife of King Sango( the yoruba God of Thunder) has her own. She commands rain at will and can turn to a gazelle when needed.

The beauty beside me is called Victoria, she winked at me and we exchange pleasantries. Let’s see whether there is something victorious about her character.


Babashola’s Diary on His Journey!


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