Independence Day: A tale of Humility & Pride

Iron and sand, Oil and water
Will never mix.

We are a nation of nations
People of uniqueness and diversified culture

We are a nation born with greatness and leadership.
Let us cast away our pride, pompousness, nonchalant attitude and embrace humility, integrity and unity.
In humility, Integrity, Love and unity lies the fulfillment of our destiny.
Let us start all over, especially we youth in Diaspora and make a 360° change.
Until we come together and forsake the greed, nepotism, corruption, hatred and injustice our leaders and we citizen are known with… Until then Our destiny remain elusive.
When we lead in humility, others will definitely follow.
In God we trust
God bless Nigeria

God bless Africa.

Happy Independence Day…
Babashola’s Concept

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