Letter To My Lover, My Friends and My Foes

I have heard love stories

I have seen and experience infatuation

I know the difference between Eros and Agape

It ain’t the same but what I have discovered is you can have both Eros and Agape kind of love towards the same lady or guy. 

That is where the dilemma is…

Because out of nothing, something came out and out of something, nothing came out….. Reminisce and meditate on my words… 

My words are eye opener. Let it sink into your mind and your mind will train your heart to be brave.

We are blessed with two eyes but you must have more eyes. See through others; some blind sees better than us.

My lover, my friends, my foes I am not wise neither I’m I a fool. I am human like you and yet God is with me because I am his son.

I forgive but not all the time. I don’t rest nor sleep until I exact my desires on my enemies not my critics.

Love me with passion… Befriend me with sincerity and respect me as a foe…

If not read the book: Honour among Thieves by  Jeffrey Archer.

Babashola’s Mind & Concept.

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