Karma Or Nemesis: BOTA’S Diary.

​Being the kind of person I am. I think a lot about you and your persistent show of hatred for me. Knowing I’m not a fool, I wonder why and how I kept coming to you despite what you throw at me.

Most times, I try reason the philosophy or logic behind it. Its like a mystery to me which I’m gonna solve. 

my conclusion was maybe God just placed you in my life for a reason which is not yet known. Maybe fate is using you to teach me patience or not. Maybe I’ve done something very bad in the past and karma brought you to torture me.
Maybe nemesis is catching up. Cause I’ve been loved by many without given them what they deserve. I keep asking myself these questions?
Sometimes, I see you as a little witch or devil who is just hell bent to make life unbearable for me. And if that be the case, I will dine with the devil.
How will I ever know I will fall in love with a girl I once threatened.
Babashola’s mind.

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