One Step At A Time:

Before you dream of flying, Learn how to crawl.

Life is in moments, a step at a time.

We all deserve happiness but do we really deserve it?

We all pray to God to be healthy, but do we really live a healthy life.

I always wanted to be loved and I was actually loved but then it got boring.  A selfish fool I was!

Love will always GIVE, knowing fully well the returns can never be comprehended.

This wisdom I found to be true; love is different from religion and love does not need religion to express it’s uniqueness but religion can never stand without love.

I have seen men rise and fall, I’ve read about kingdoms and men that ruled them.

King Solomon was blessed with wisdom because he gave a sacrifice with a good heart and even God could not overlook the worth.

 But women succeeded in making him a fool.

Remember this at all times, nothing is hidden from God and we can never be wiser than God.

We are here today, tomorrow we won’t. Our deeds whether good or bad will echo through time and space.

It’s never to late to break the chains of deceit, oppression, envy, betrayal, and let go of the evil and wickedness that reside within us.

Let us embrace love in the spirit of brotherhood and live life together with integrity.

Man is nothing without integrity, life is a step at a time.

I hope you understand my words and I pray you don’t.

A man that grows without learning will keep repeating the same mistake again.

Know yourself! You are man created in God’s Image.



Written by Babashola.

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