Peak Of Leadership: BOTA’S PAIN AND AGONY.

From the Bible to the Quran, in every society even in the animal kingdom; leadership is vital for survival, well-being, organization, management, discipline and welfare.

We have leaders and we have followers, but the principle of leadership states that all leaders are followers. We have leadership ladder and no matter the step you are on that ladder, you following someone while others follow you.

The question I am asking now is, for those at the peak of that leadership ladder, who do they follow? Is it their moral principles, spiritual principles, universal law, fundamental rights of human being or they stop learning.

How do you know a leader, walk into a room of 100 ladies and men. Spend 30 minutes with them or closely observe them from afar, you will definitely know the leader in the room.

Positions, titles, awards and accolades doesn’t make you a leader.

At that peak of leadership, is there another level? Yes! Leadership is a lifetime profession, you don’t retire.

At that peak of leadership, you ask yourself; is it time for you to be a servant leader! 

You can never be a true leader if you’ve not successfully raise your followers  status to leaders.

Where I come from, Africa. The only problem we have is leadership problem and if we the youth can sacrifice, be disciplined, humble to learn, cherish human life, be responsible for our environment and patriotic enough. We can make our lands, our countries, our continent, the best in the world.

What sayest Thou? We are Africans, Ain’t we! 

Babashola’s Pain And Agony!

The diary of a restless perfect sound mind, on a quest for Uhuru!

Babashola Oluwatimilehin Timothy Ayeni: BOTA X7…

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