Crack House: BOTA’S DIARY

Do you know pain? Very intense gradual pain. So steady was the pain that you pray for death but that sweet gift called death, you so wish for; died before your pain was destined.

How I wish I could live alone in the jungle, with the birds, wild animals, serpents and the beasts. In my house there live a serpent called mankind, a beast called friend and a brother called vulture. I have become OGBOJU ÒDÉ NINU IGBO IRUNMÀLE BY D.O FAGUNWA later translated to English by Captain Blood also known as WOLE SOYINKA AKA… KONGI!

My life has been polluted. Strangers that became friends and brothers have made my home theirs. Brought so many vices and strangers that has no right or privilege to me, to my life. My life has become a CRACK HOUSE…

Oppression, how do you define it. Equality and social justice for all! How is that attainable without Equity. Emancipation should come with liberation. Oppression in all it forms I hate, whether it’s coming from a Blackman, Hispanic or the Caucasian race. 

We blacks are the greatest hypocrites on earth. Why?

Sentiment has become part of our tradition!

What is beautiful should remain beautiful. 

From the valley to the mountaintop, we are heralds of freedom in all its uniqueness….

I will remain in the jungle than live in a beautiful CRACK HOUSE WITH A BEAST.

Note: this is a thought of a man, representing something bigger and larger than life.

Written by BABASHOLA X7.

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