Good Morning Abike Baby:

​The way you walk, your smile, laughter, when you frown, when you are angry or sober. 

Each day, your thoughts has permeate into my entirety and i seriously don’t know what to say or do again.
I try as much as possible to respect a lady decision but the truth is I am so into you and something deep keeps drawing me towards you.
I am not perfect, I am no saint neither am I a devil. And I am glad you know this,    I am also very happy you could open up to me and told me a bit about your past. 

You bold enough to tell me you have wahala and I’m seeing it already. I also discovered you are good in giving attitudes, if you want to. I am cool with it.
Good morning was all I had in mind to type but I’ve written 4 paragraphs. I love your taste of MUSIC.
You gat me halima. And I’m very sure we gat each other. I will love to really know the good, bad and ugly of the lady called Abike.
Good morning!
BOTA’S DIARY. Written by Babashola

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