Words define, symbols represent. These two, words and symbols give expression to our concepts, ideas and thoughts for better communication and understanding.

The best ways, “THE CONCEPT OF LOVE” can be expressed is through giving, empathy, sacrifice, discipline, mercy, courage, meekness and letting go; don’t forget the prodigal son.

I am a hard being who love to disagree with myself. I see myself as a demagogue who has no space for love. But when my heart beats faster than usual at the sight of “ABIKE”. I know I got 99 problems!

How can you hide what is revealed already, I’m I a fool, if yes? Why do fool fall in love?

I wondered and reason, how my ancestors understand the “concept of love”. How come my father ended up with polygamy. 

I heard stories of my forefathers throwing stones at the window of their lovers to get their attention, and for a walk under the full moon. They follow them to streams where they play Romeo and Juliet and Yemi my Lover. 

They go hunting at the forest and bring antelope and other bushmeats(Éran Igbé) to their lovers, who will prepare it and serve him and his friends with a bottle of palmwine, hmmmm! This is a treat that makes love deep in their days. That’s how they started my bloodline, the bloodline of Olukiola Omo Ayeni yeniyan. 

Love remain the same since the days of the first man, though forms of expression changes but the basis is unchangeable.

In my forefathers days, love can be express through hunting, wrestling, etc. But my days, the 21st century. Love is expensive, and expressing it is more costly. 

You can’t love and be loved if you don’t have money but Abike won’t agree with me.

I need to ask those I look up to, for answers!

I need to ask Onye Bo-Bo, how he got mummy Jason, ask Obama how Michelle fell in love with him.

I need Rev. Sam to tell me how he started with His boo, Nike Adeyemi.

I need Fela Durotoye to write another open letter expressing His love for “HOUSE OF TARA” CEO.

Abike, is expensive but she ask for no iPhone 7, she wants no lavish spending, she is prudent but still very expensive. 

Abike, looks at me and smile, a very wicked sexy smile that reveals nothing. She reveals nothing, couldn’t read her thoughts. 

I Don’t even know if she wanna take me back to the days of my ancestors. When love was expressed by hunting down wild animals like lions and you go on quest to find what should remain hidden. Like you getting a mat from bush baby(Ègbere).

Abike Na beg I dey beg go. Don’t make me go gaga! 

Abike dey high me but calmly… She gives me calm highness.. lol!

Conceptualised by: BOTA X7

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