Let me take a peep into your soul and see the real you.

Let me walk with you, holding your hand while I behold your beauty as the sunset.
Let me wake up beside you and see you at your best.
My beautiful day starts with you and it will surely end with you by my side.
If you close the door, I will keep knocking till you open. 
If you shut your heart, and play naïve; I will watch you from afar and see you dine with wolves and foxes.
If you love escapade, I will meet you at your destination.
If you want freedom, you can have it. But freedom comes with a price.
My desires are revealed, my thoughts are laid bare but my motives will always be mine and mine alone.
Close the door, shut your heart and lock yourself behind your walls; walls of uncertainties, doubts, betrayals, mockery and hypocrisy.
Do you think I care, of course I do! And I’m seeing  right through you.
Who is your Lover and who do you love?
Infatuation is an experience that comes with expression and ecstasy is a myth.
Tread with care, the floor is slippery. Know your friends but understand your foes.
All I ever wanted is to share my beautiful day with you.
Each day is beautiful no matter the havoc, disaster, death and hopelessness it comes with.
Read carefully and think deep. 
Before you fly in the air and host in the sky, learn to walk and see the world, the real world you live in.

Have fun, gist all the way and conceal your ways and moves. Nothing remains hidden!
WHO IS YOUR LOVER? this is a question you need to answer!
Written by: BOTA X7

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