Sunrise: The Tales of Terror & Hope.

I was so lonely and afraid. Thought this is the end! My hope was quenched by the gloomy darkness that evaded me…

My soul was castigated, my spirit broken at the sight of terror… From my world to my dreams, I was chained with thorns of iron and steel.

All I need is a ray of light, and my hope will be restored. All I need is you, my sunshine!

From the deepest depth of hell, I saw the light and hell vanished; darkness melted with the mist of daybreak.

Hope I will always have except I am dead. Even at death, I am hopeful cause only the road called “TRINITY”leads to the city of lights and eternal glory.

Even a plate of rice, chicken lap, plantain with egg brings hope when all seems lost. 

Good morning, beautiful ones!

Babashola Oluwatimilehin Timothy Ayeni’s Concept.

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