Timmy’s DIARY: When Love Meets

Nothing is as beautiful as your smile

You look like MJ, when strands of your curly hair covers your right eye

The older the wine, the sweeter it gets.

Loving you was a process. A process that took me beyond my imagination and supersede my adventures.

Your love Mi Amour, guided me home; to where your heart reside.

With each day, the intimacy abounds. With every word, I yearn for the proximity. I don’t want to live a moment without you again.

I want to express my love to you in ways you can’t comprehend.

Between us, there lies oceans, thousands of miles, cultural and traditional boundaries but I’m gonna reach you, hold you, kiss you and be one with you. Sooner than you expected!

When I say be a good girl, you must salute and say “yes Sir”.

For you: Monica

Written by: BOTA X7.

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