From where I was born to where I am today has been a journey.

Memories filled with happiness, joy, pain, sadness, betrayal, fulfilment, grieves, sacrifice and love.

From the great city of Ibadan, inside that hospital where they told my mum she finally has a male child.

The male child has become a man and lives in Accra, Gold Coast.

His eyes deepened with experience and his hair turning grey, on a fast process of becoming the image of his Father.

With what I have seen, experience, observe, read and activities I’ve engaged myself in, through my travels and journey!

My greatest fear is not death, betrayal or anything but Love. My heart jumps and stop pumping blood, my mind go blank, my spirit loses his calmness, my bones and flesh are broken when issues of love rises.

In all my journies, Love has kept me and love has betrayed me!

So tell me young lady, please advice me great-grandmother; why is love like the two sides of a coin?

I was suppose to write this yesterday but I suffered insomnia thinking about you.

Babashola’s Concept.


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