My Dilemma: Finding my Balance Between Love and Justice.

I am so angry wth myself, I am going to starve myself. I need a searchlight to do a soul search within myself.

I broke my own principles and i betray one of those that are dearest to me beecause of the brotherly and softspot i have for her lover, who happens to be my brother.

I am in a dilemma. I stand between protecting my own brother and making sure justice took its cause for the one that was oppressed physically, mentally, psychologically.

I hate when lovers fight
I disgust a man that will go physical with his lover, whether he is a brother or foe!

A man that will hit a lady should be castrated or seared with the mark of slavery

No matter the frustration, pain or highness you get yourself in; never never hurt your women.

Dear Brother, you got me in a tight angle. I know you to be self controlled and cool headed but now you are influenced by those whose life has been tagged as agent of perdition.

How i wish you will hear my whistle and come back to that safe haven. retrace your steps and stop following blindly the path of destruction. Pills, codeine, drugs has destroyed so many a great destiny.

When you back to your home. you need to tender a sincere apology to the one whose heart, spirit and bones you’ve broken.

There is no badluck with her. The only badluck you got yourself in; is the drugs and pills you’ve dample into.

Note: This is a recent happening around me. a good brother gone bad under the influence of drugs and wrong influence.


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