Merry Xmas Dear Jesus!

A sign! What is the sign? A virgin shall bring forth a child. A male child, and he shall be called Emmanuel!

He was born in a manger

He was given gifts; gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Herod tried killing him even as baby. 

His parents fled to Egypt to safe his life.

He grew up in Galilee, learning carpentry from a just man.

At 30 years, he was baptised and ministered for 3 years.

At 33 years, he mother’s heart was pierced by a sword when he looked up and see her Son, our Savior hanged on a Cross.

He rose on the 3rd day from death. He fulfilled the prophecy and revealed to all that exist that he is The Son Of Man but also The Son Of God. 

He is my salvation, my hope, my mediator, my Father, my Lord, My God, my Godfather, my peace, my Redeemer. He is the covenant.

His birth was the beginning of Hope, his death was victory and his resurrection made us co-heirs with him.

Without his birth, there can’t be his death and until he died, he can never be resurrected.

Every thing started with his birth….

Merry Christmas Dear Jesus… You will always be the Lover and guardian of my Soul.

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