Intimacy: Secrets We Hold Dear

How beautiful are you, how can I tell tales of your beauty if I cant touch and feel you. Like Jack, I need to paint a portrait of you while standing naked in front of me.

All I ever wanted was crafted in you. Your eyes, wounded fingers, small but fiery lips, your body, neck, curves, legs, your breasts. All your features make you a goddess among men!

Love…. Hmmm… desires… Feelings…….Lust…..Passion….Hate….jealousy…. Hidden motives….. Are all parts of an expression call LOVE.

In you I finally find solace for my Oliver Twist nature and my casanova personality failed me the first time I saw you smile.

Mother said, “BOTA run and never look back if you found and desire one that burst your feelings like the torrents that gushed from Erin ilesha Water falls.” My feet are glued to your lairs….What a beautiful complex witch you are. I’ve always loved witches and goddesses but your kind i never met until now.

Actually, Desires is like sahara; It scorch when the sun heats. Love is like a river it drowns when rain falls. Mortals are scared of You and your untamed and complex nature but i am no mortal.

I am a patient phenomenom , an orientated  Egedelord, an Oracle with a thousand eyes and and stupid complicated complex stubborn fool who always love a witch and desire a goddess!

Lolx…….Xxxxxxxx….. This is not a thought💭. Its an expression, a prank, a humour on one whose heart  is stonecold…..

Written by Bota X7.

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