Mind Games: Are You A Shepherd, Wolf, Lion or Lamb

Have you ever imagined the kind of emotional Earthquakes or storms a young man goes through daily; Especially those in college!

Do you know the triggers he feels all over his body at the sight of a very classy sexy beautifully structured damsel or Queen. The rise in breathe, the rise of the muscle beneath and the calculations going on within him.

In every man, there is a beast. It can either be a  lion, hyena, wolf, or cheetah. Sometimes, these beast are trigger by the lady’s attitude or profile and at times the guys are born predators.

A Lion might also have the gentleness and timidity of a Lamb.
A guy can also become a shepherd and protect The lady from fellow wolves and lions.

Like I told you, ” You will determine what I will be to you. Your stealth, moves, instinct makes you a skilled predator and common babe, you don’t expect me to be a Lamb waiting to be devour by you.”

Well…. Its a mind game and two can’t walk or work together unless they reach an agreement!

Let’s see how time reveals our hidden motives and nature. But as it stands, I am the Beast and you my Queen is the Beauty.. Lolxxxxxxxxx.

Bota X7 Concept.

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