A thousand eyes
with a thousand ears
connected to a sound mind
and a compassionate heart
fueled with a voice representing the masses
advocating for the oppressed
heralding good news to the deserted

My thousand eyes
has seen alot but not all
this saddens the very depth of my soul

How can we live in safety
if we can not watch our neighbours back

We call ourselves Pan Africanist
yet political leaders
enslave the citizens
by constantly selling our future and dividends
for crumps

My fathers told me
they abolished the atlantic slave trade
but my thousand eyes observed
Africa and African descents
are still enslaved

They fly over the atlantic
and ship our treasures and mineral resources
to their safe havens

They are masters of disunity and chaos
they finance coup civil war and anarchy
that will further their caause
they are lords of the back channel
I dont blame them
“I blame us”
what belong to Africa
is forcefully taken from us

How can a thousand eyes watch
when those above and ahead of us
keep oppressing us
and we do the same
to our subordinates

“Africa Wake up
and give strenght to the eyes that watches
to whom so much is given
much is expected….”

Written by: Bota X7


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