Mysteries: Tides Of Passions

“Meeting you was predestined by the Creator himself.
Your ways are very mysterious and I am destined to solve mysteries!

From the pent, I see you striding at the valley…
Oh Queen of the valley, come to the pent and behold the beautiful of the moutaintop!

This is not love neither is it “lust”.
Two can never walk together unless they agree…”

“I want to get warm with your skin, I want to rest my head in between your Kilimanjaro and olumo… These are tides of passions”

“I want to kiss you over and over again…
I want to paint you as natural as nude…”

I want to walk beside you at the beach naked as the moonlight shines on us..
Your lips taste like peach… Your breasts firm like that of a virgin…

“Mysteries is what we are, undiluted passion is stronger than one’s will
No matter how we forcefully put boundaries between us.
What will be will surely be and what is meant to happen between us will certainly happen..”

Until we eat Adam’s Apple our eyes won’t be opened. Until we taste each other, our passion grieves on…

A morning poem for you……

Written By: Babashola Oluwatimilehin Timothy Ayeni…. BOTA x7

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