“A living Dog is better than a dead Lion.”

“Hope is for the living
let the dead bury their dead
not all that are alive
are living.”

“A new day comes with hope
as the second ticks
at the breaking of the dawn
as the sun rises
I open my eyes
with a renewed hope”

“My pursuit my dreams my passion my life my love
fuels me with hope
let those that live a blank life keep living
let the lazy hands keep dreaming
We all pray to a shrewd and loving God
who sent his son to be a carpenter
and sacrificed him to have us all
so forgiving so loving and so calculative
thats why I love him and I call him the Most High”

“With the day I rise
At night my eyes are wide open
waiting patiently working tirelessly
my hope will come either from the West or East
my luck either from the North or South
I wont mind if it comes from the other planets
with each new day
My hope is renewed.”
Bota X7 concept..

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