Bota’s Prayers: Teach Me To Love

Dear Creator,

thank you for this new day, thanks for your mercy and goodness. I am grateful to be part of the living. thank you for the sunrise, i am grateful for the new dawn.

Thank you for Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, and South America. I thank you for the world at large because your will shall be established and your purposes will prevail.

My families, friends, associates, Nbm; dear God, keep them safe.

One request i come with this beautiful morning Dear Jesus; Teach me to love and give me the wisdom to live my life in love, truth and peace. Let truth abide in me.

Bless me and use me to bless others worldwide. This i earnestly seek from you, My creator.

I am a sinner, the greatest of all sinners. I come on the platform given me by the blood of the Lamb, wipe and flush my sins away. Clean me Lord in and out.

Give me the grace and passion to forgive, You know my heart Lord; soften it.

Strengthen me Lord, be with me. In your name i will possess the gates of my enemies and put my feet on their kings head.

In victory I will declare your Glorious name, in humility I will tell of your mercies…. I am a son of mercy!

In Jesus Name…


Bota’s Prayer!

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