Africa: Where Do We Go From Here

As I watch the sunrise from the city of Accra, from the balcony of my Pent; I realise the origin of the Black Race needs  reengineering from within.

What is wrong with Africa, what the hell is our problem? Please let me know, for I seek the gathering where Africans sit in honesty, integrity, love, compassion and empathy to create a way forward for the continent and the Black Race. Please let me know where the gathering is, for I will go with love and fellowship with those that share my will and passion for Mother Africa.

When will our political leaders, Spiritual leaders, government officials, traditional leaders, industrialists, parents, students and community leaders take a vow of development, to make Africa reach and fulfill her maximum potentials.

Destiny awaits those who have realised from within that nothing moves unless you push it by force.

I pray and hope before sunset, Africa will rise again!

Written By: BOTA X7

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