Man & The Concept of Power

When you really think of Man and the concept of power. You will realise, how ignorant and foolish we’ve become. 

What are the factors that makes a man powerful? think about it, write it down; reminisce and meditate on it.

Everyone of us has power seed lying dormant in us. How do we plant it and make it germinate and grow.

Your Ideas, characters and self-will are the true source of power.

Hitler was a powerful man.

Mahatma Ghandi was also a very powerful but humble man.

Martin Luther King jnr was a very powerful and charismatic man.

Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Osama bin Laden, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sanni Abacha, Oluesgun Obansojo and Pastor E.A Adeboye etc.

Take a look at these different personalities and find the similarities they all share.


I ask you one more time, what do you think makes a man powerful?

Babashola’s View.

Written By: BOTA X7

3 thoughts on “Man & The Concept of Power

    1. Their ideas, self-will plus character is the difference. Some of them are bad leaders, wicked men but their is something their followers see in them. They know how to lead, are committed and dedicated to see their ideas become reality

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