I have kept mute and pray in silence

strength and grace for you my brother “Adeola Josh Ige”

strength for the bereaved

strength for those the great man left behind..

I stood at your front on what we call “Cultural Day”

and I saw the the talking drum torn to pieces with just a tap

the message came, but we fools we continued with our foolishness

and the spritual beings and the spiritually inclined pity us.

A message came to Josh at the burst of the drum

you asked me “who will buy my drum for me”

And I said “I will get you a new one”

ofcourse I will

but who can replace your father

Or is there a market in the world

where we can get Josh’s Father back

Your Father is a great man “Josh”

look at the qualities and influence that flows from you to us

You are like your father, the great river.

even though he is gone, we all drank from that river

and that river will never go dry because

Now you have become the great river

and you will flow to worlds’ end..

My friend the drummer boy

it is well with our soul

believe me “God is with us”

at this time when sadness pain and agony flows to the very depth of our souls

he is not just your father

he is our father

And God is with us all.

Written For Josh.


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