Truth, knowledge and wisdom are hidden treasures and only those that seek the treasures find it.
Leadership is a burden, and the path filled with pain and loneliness.
A man of the people is different from a man for the people because the people sometimes don’t like the truth.

A man of the people often compromise because he does not want to lose his followers but a man for the people will inject the truth always because he is also a man of himself. And he cherishes his integrity and word above the people.

Since the creation of the world, history has taught us no leader is perfect; from Adam downwards. 

History also made us realised leaders that fight for truth, equity, excellence and the advancement of noble cause are made perfect because of the burdens they solely shouldered.

From Jesus to Prophet Mohammed(S.A.W), Martin Luther of the great Roman Empire, to Malcolm X, Martin Luther King jnr, Kwame Nkrumah to Nnamdi Azikiwe. 

These Great leaders lost followers, the support of the people and faced so many hard times and challenges, even killed; but because they are also a man for the people, they remain true to their ideologies and philosophy when alone because of truth.

And truth never changes its form, Its value or power. Truth is light and no matter how long, the dawn will break and darkness vanishes.

Its hard to find leaders that are *man of the people, a man for the people and a man of himself* 

history only have handfuls of them but in NBM GHANA ZONE, I have found not just one but *TWO* John Onyema and Patrick Manager.

*When you walk alone in utter darkness, when even your shadow betray you, the truth you know will always be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path*

*Everything is a lesson to the mortals and the immortals*

Welcome Back!

*Dedicated to John Onyema and Patrick Manager*


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