As a child, I grew up seeing my mother, sisters and families adorn themselves with gold when we attending ceremonies or parties.


Then as a child, I knew what it means. We are a wealthy family and adorning us with gold jewelries is a way of showing our class and status in the society.

what is so special about gold? Why do countries like USA, GERMANY, ITALY, FRANCE, CHINA, SWITZERLAND AND RUSSIA HAVE GOLD RESERVES? do you notice that the most wealthy people or families saves their wealth in gold, they have gold storages in banks like UBS ETC.

Gold is gold, nothing can be compare with it. And when we talk about gold, Swissgolden has given everyone of us access to the purest of gold(24k 999.9%) pure, with a fee as low as €75 upwards. Browse http://www.swissgolden.com  for details.

Who is Swissgolden? Swissgolden is an online shop that sells 24k gold between 1gram-100grams. They are registered in the UK, Russia and Hongkong. 

You can either register and buy directly from the company or you register and follow the marketing bonus program of the company( you register and introduce 2people) pure networking. 

Swissgolden bonus marketing policy states that every investor must refer minimum of 2people and when you meet the requirements you are paid in gold or Euros.

In Swissgolden you can earn as much as €109K with a gold investment you started with €75. How is that possible?

Swissgolden offer his partners/investors four tables the can start with and each table comes with preliminary tables. The preliminary tables are created for investors that don’t have the cash or funds required to start with the tables.

They have the Start table, Main table, VIP table and VIP PLUS table.


Each table recyle three times, every time the table recycles, you get your bonus. Note: no matter the table you start with, you keep moving upwards till you get to the VIP PLUS TABLE. 

Once you start with Swissgolden with your registration fee, you don’t add any additional money. All the funds needed is generated from the system!

Your time is gold, don’t waste time. Invest today and be forever grateful.

Learn more about Swissgolden by joining our WhatsApp group, follow us on instagram and join us on Facebook.

Swissgolden is an online shop. They have participants in more than 120countries. You can register anywhere in the world via coupon or credit/debit card.


Instagram: Swissgolden_Ghana

FB: Swissgolden Ghana/Leadership Group

Email: botaswissgolden@gmail.com
Phone number: +233267816467

Be the best, have the best!



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