Bota’s Thought

There is nothing as beautiful as love. We all need to be loved but the most important is to love oneself and to make sure you see the beauty in others… Don’t cast your Pearl before the swine and if you’ve been casting it, stop it! Swine don’t appreciate pearls don’t waste it in them.… Read More

Stop Making Excuses

To achieve your dreams, goals and objectives; you need to stop making excuses and take actions and concrete steps. Today I bring you these words because I have been in that corner of excuse making before. Nothing is achieve until you reach out for it… Three ways to achieve your dreams: Information Network  Funds Daily… Read More

Never Give Up!

Its very frustrating when you keep giving strategies and information on wealth creation and people show no interest.  They will give you excuses why investing in gold won’t work. Tell you is a ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme and all sort. Some will look at you and say, you know how internet is. They will tell… Read More

Philia: My Thoughts

​There is nothing greater than love among brothers.  I always think nothing can be compared to the Eros kind of love. That excitement, the thrill that runs through your body at that point of ejaculation. I thought that was sweeter than honey! I was disappointed when I experienced and feel other kinds of love. I… Read More

Food For Thought:

He that fails to plan, plan to fail. Success is not a fluke just like wealth creation. It is a deliberate effort that takes sacrifice- Bota. We all know the worth of gold, and the value of 24karat 999.9% pure gold is the best you will find anywhere in the world. A friend of mine… Read More

Hail Mary: An expression of Bota

Hail Mary, for you are blessed among women. Can you correspond my expression to your name sake and woo her for me with your blessedness. How can I look at Eve when I have found a Lady with your likeness… Tell her not to be stubborn and naughty cause you weren’t stubborn to Joseph; though… Read More

Today’s Quote 

​The ultimate determinant of your life has got nothing to do with neither your past nor your present but your aspiration. No matter your dreams and aspirations, you need a network of people, ideas and financial strength to actualise each of your dreams. Swissgolden, gives you that network of people, ideas and financial depth to… Read More