In Your Eyes

In your eyes I see the universe, the stars and the spinning Galaxy.

I saw me in your crystal eyes. What I saw is beauty and man, made in the Creator’s likeness..

Will you hold me and kiss the tenderness of my lips.

Will you walk beside me as we behold the sunset at the beach.

A Lady of dark skin. How can we tan a golden Ebony with an ivory between the cup of her breasts…hmmm, beauty cant be revealed until its naked.

Who taught me how to write, no one. Creativity, imagination comes with every pint of my blood. 

I live in my world with a beautiful perfect mind, and many are they that wish to walk my path.

Why can’t you all be like my brother, that drove to fantasy Island with a boil in the arse to see the perfect moonlight and watch the crispiness of African Queens.

He slept with satisfaction as the angel took the wheels and drove us home. 

I was there with my watchful eyes. In your eyes, I see me!


Dedicated to OluwaRichard.. Tj

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