History, is a cycle of past events that has a way of sneaking to the present while we are consumed by the irrelevancies, greed and ego that has destroy the great potentials we are imbedded with – Babashola Oluwatimilehin Timothy Ayeni (BOTA).

The irony of what goes around comes around when juxtaposed with “let him without sin be the first to cast the stone” becomes a dilemma of maze, our conscience is lost in.

As we flow with the order of time and season, let us reminisce on this day. I was there just like many of us 24years ago, in the hotel room, Premier hotel to be precise with my mother and family hoping that MKO Abiola wins the Presidential election. He won that election and the whole city of Ibadan was electrified with shouts of joy. It was the very first time I realised, we can all have the same dream and our heart desires align irrespective of our social status, background, religious ties and personalities.  We all know the saga that follows that glorious day in our Nation. 

A nation whose leaders cant set aside their personal issues, greed and ego for the good of the citizens is a wretched nation that won’t fulfil her potentials irrespective of the mineral or human resources, nature blessed them with.

I always remember June 12 1993 because it was an opportunity that the leaders of our nation had to right their wrongs but they failed. Why; is a question for us all to deliberate on? Like I always say, a cheetah can’t change its skin and no matter how many time a snake change its skin, we all know it remains a snake.

We all have a part to play in the build-up to actualise that lost dream that made us all to celebrate on that fateful day 24years ago. We all need to summon the courage to advocate and take necessary actions that we don’t become victims of such fate again. Never should our children experience such.

The urgency of now is paramount; we must be vigilant and watchful that such history won’t sneak into our present again. We must make a conscientious effort towards the actualization of a better life, a life we can be proud of! We must push vigorously for a system, a way of life that favours the weakest and lowest among us.

History has shown us we can have our heart desires, enjoy social amenities to the fullest, have quality education, good health facilities, a vibrant economy and an enriched life. 

All these are possible, and many more; if we can advocate for it now. It is realistic, if we take conscientious goal oriented actions towards it. The time is now; the urgency of now should not be procrastinated or postponed.

I will lift up my eyes to the hills- where does my help comes from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. 

Written By: Babashola (Bota X7).


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