People always want to attach themselves to the events that played out in South Africa during the Apartheid era. We all want to show sympathy and remember one day of an event in South Africa and make it sound or look special. A friend on Facebook even asked that we think about the kids who died during this time and not just one man; Nelson Mandela.

My article is not to support or exalt Mandela or defend why he should or should not be seen as the Hero of this devilish period of oppression and suppression of the South African people but to Tell people that it is Time to move on.

There is nothing to rethink about South Africa. They have lost that empathy in the eyes and heart of other  Africa nationals the day they decided to spill the blood of other Africans.

Xenophobia has left a bitter taste in our mouths and it will be remembered for a long time. Longer than sharpville massacre, longer than whole Apartheid saga. 

The lives of other African Nationals that were innocently taken especially Nigerians who gave them shelter, funds and so many more will be remembered until the very end. 

How long do we need to weep or mourn for South Africa. How long are we going to share in their grief. Do they have a single day in their calendar to remember Xenophobia victims? 

Do they think about the children of those they have put in this disadvantaged position? Do they think of The aging mothers of those they cut their lives short? NO! They never look back one sec. it’s Time for us to move on from South Africa. 

South Africa is a case of crying more than the bereaved as I doubt if they themselves ever dwell in this self pity of the Apartheid event. They have moved on and that is why they have forgotten so soon the roles of other African Nations in their time of distress. South Africa has moved on. Africa should also move on.

It is Time to think of Chibok girls, it is Time to remember those that lost their lives to Xenophobia to this wicked South Africans. It is Time to remember people of Odi. It is Time to remember every single individual that lost their lives in the 1967 civil war in Nigeria. It is Time to remember Niger Deltans and those that lost their lives during the Crisis. It is Time to remember Nigeria!

Written by: John Onyema(Bros J).

Bota’s Mentor Writes….

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