Bros J: Knowing The Man Called John Onyema

When I meet great personalities. I make it a quest to understand their core values, their philosophy,  egos, their self -motivations, passion and vision.

Its not enough to follow a leader. Follow with wisdom, study and learn his or her concept of leadership.

If asked, who is John Onyema? What will your answer be. 

Will it be base on hearsay, your observation of him or your dealings with him. Mind you, your dealings with him might be negative or positive. Don’t be biased!

Who is John Onyema or Bros J?

Sarah’s Hubby

Jason’s Father

My number 1 critic

My leader, my elder

A catalyst of excellence

My mentor, a strong advocate of equity, social justice and equality.

A no nonsense personality but fun to be with!

A mystery and phenomenon.

I asked three kids called Ice, Tee and Jay (ITJ) what they want  to be when they grow up? They answered me harmoniously, we want to be like John Onyema!

Then I asked myself, what is so special and unique about Bros J? You won’t find out until you meet him!

He has a charisma like no other. 

If he is around, you must improve, trust me. Ask Bota and Mike! 

Bota, “you want to tell me you don’t have funds to print and photocopy these papers” OK, no problem. 

Mike don’t tell us what is not, “these financial report is not standard at all”

Ibim, “nice one, you are improving. Good job!”


Here and now, on John Onyema’s birthday. I present to us a questionnaire with only one question!

1.   Who is John Onyema?

Please answer if you know him. 

Happy birthday Bros J ….

Written by: Bota.

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