Hail Mary: An expression of Bota

Hail Mary, for you are blessed among women.

Can you correspond my expression to your name sake and woo her for me with your blessedness.

How can I look at Eve when I have found a Lady with your likeness…

Tell her not to be stubborn and naughty cause you weren’t stubborn to Joseph; though I ain’t Joseph. I am Timothy, a facet of BOTA.

I really want her to be with me as you are to Joseph.

Hidden desires will be revealed, wrongs will be make right, life to live, love to express, thirst to quench and you to love… Forever!

  • Hail Mary, woo Mary the duchess of Claire for me. And I will capture your beatitudes in words for the daughters of Eve. Your life and time, they should emulate… For you are blessed among women!!!

Let no daughter of Eve tarnish your image…

Bota’s Concept …

Prelude to the girl called Mary…. The duchess of Claire City…

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