Bota’s Thought

There is nothing as beautiful as love.

We all need to be loved but the most important is to love oneself and to make sure you see the beauty in others…

Don’t cast your Pearl before the swine and if you’ve been casting it, stop it! Swine don’t appreciate pearls don’t waste it in them.

Dream is beautiful, pure and divine. Lazy men won’t pursue their dreams because they know it take creativity, hardworking, dedication, skills, strong character and commitment to make dreams reality.

If you want to be great, find great people and associate with them. Greatness is in us all but find those that are determined to be great and network with them!

I believe in possibilities, if not I won’t exist…

I love you all!

Few hours to my born day..

They say kings are born in July, am I a King? Yes I am! And my kingdom, transcend the earthly realm..

Thank you Jesus!

Bota X7…

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