Quote For The Week

"Life is a risk, and not taking the risk in it self is a risk!" -Magnus Wiedong. Everything in life is centered around risk. From birth to death, knowingly or unknowingly you have been taking risk. From birth till today, if you should take an inventory of your life. You will be so surprise at … Continue reading Quote For The Week


Today, I facilitate a wealth creation seminar tagged, "THE PURSUIT OF WEALTH FOR THE AFRICAN PEOPLE." The first question i will be asking is why are Africans poor when Africa is the wealthiest continent on earth? Is it the people, the government or the system? We need to have a concrete answer to these questions … Continue reading THE PURSUIT OF WEALTH FOR THE AFRICAN PEOPLE

Love: A Dilemma of Uncertainties and Trust

Love is a force that can be used positively and negatively. looking into definitions of love, I have come to realise it is a dilemma ¬†between "uncertainties and trust". To love someone, you constantly walk simultaneously between uncertainties and trust. you must make that decision that you will either regret or be thankful for. To … Continue reading Love: A Dilemma of Uncertainties and Trust

Masterpiece: Mona Lisa to Bota’s Network

No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist. Its takes hardwork, precision, dedication, inspiration and creativity to create a masterpiece. Bota's Network is a masterpiece. Its a combination of strategies designed to achieve a purpose. The purpose is to make people, especially Africans wealthy within a specific time frame. Did you get the picture … Continue reading Masterpiece: Mona Lisa to Bota’s Network

Just Dare To Be The Best.

I dont believe in reincarnation, we all have one life to live! you can either choose to live an average life or live beyond the average. The world is full of examples. history has taught us everything is possible but a man cannot go beyond the limit he has set. I implore you to pursue … Continue reading Just Dare To Be The Best.

Dreams: Product of The Mind.

I believe wholeheartedly that your mind will never conceive what is impossible. Impossibility, is a word that has enslave billions of people. Your mind is more powerful than you can ever imagine.. It needs exercise, so exercise it just like you going to gym to keep fit. Read books, engage in discussions that will make … Continue reading Dreams: Product of The Mind.