My Life: Bota & His Path

Its hard to really define my person.

I am soft yet hard as rock.. Very passionate, considerate and still aggressive.

I once told a friend I am a complicated complex personality, a maze and  a mystery even to myself.

But my path and destiny I am so certain of.

I was destined to be a freedom fighter, a lover and a catalyst of freedom and empowerment.

Most times, I don’t meet the expectations I have set for myself but I don’t give up.

I keep pushing towards Uhuru and my desires only God can grant!

I believe wholeheartedly that Africa will maximize her potentials to the peak and I know, for that to happen, we the youth must get it right. 

As I celebrate another year of my life, this has become my goal. Africa must unite and we the youth, are the catalyst that must bring this unity!!!

God bless us all!


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