As the rain fell and the sun scorched
my heart pounded as I hear the beat of the gong

It was like a trance, a trance it is!

I scooped a handful of sand from the earth

and pain filled my soul

tears flogged my eyes.

I hear the ancestors speak

they spoke of their regrets

Their sorrow and lost hope.

Above the earth, we live

Below the earth, the ancestors speak.

They spoke about what needs to be done

The actions they failed to take

They advocate for one more chance

The chance that can never be granted

The chance to make things right!

I shed tears of blood as I watch foeti plead

They pleaded with placards

“We are not going to Africa”

Even the creator considered their plea for a moment.

The dead and the unborn searched for the one

They look far and beyond among those that live

The only glimpse of hope they find 

Is Neo Black Movement of Africa.

“We are the peace the dead finds”

“We are the hope of those that live”

“We are the future of the Unborn.”

We can be the peace, hope and future

Of the dead, the living and the unborn

If we would overcome our fears

And become who we truly are.

We are the hope of the Black Race

The custodian of our heritage

The voice of the oppressed.

We must advocate and go beyond advocacy

We must take actions steered towards 

Excellence and Leadership

We must become leaders in every sector of the government

We must become leaders and Role models in our societies

We must kill greed and selfishness

We must build strong characters

that will withstand the temptations 

and challenges of our time.

“We must become who we truly are.”

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child,

I understood as a child, I thought as a child;

But when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

I Rep NBM Ghana Zone and NBM of Africa Worldwide.

Bota X7.

Note: This article is the intellectual Property of Bota. No part of this article should be used without the permission of the Author except when use for the advancement of Neo Black Movement.

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